Viking XPRS is an effortless route to another design city, Tallinn

Design District Helsinki has cooperated with Tallinn’s design organizations already for quite a while. In addition to staying in contact and sharing information, the actives of the Helsinki design association have visited Tallinn on a design excursion already twice. Design District Helsinki is an important benchmark and inspiration to many other design cities and networks from Dubai to Budapest, but Tallinn must be the closest one of all.

At the Tallinn tourist information, already the square design map “Disainikaart” looks and feels familiar. Its shape follows the example of Helsinki, and just like the popular Design District Helsinki map, also this one guides the visitor to the interesting local design destinations. The map lists over 50 places to visit, so even a design enthusiast has a lot to choose from.

The local design association Tallinn Design House (or in Estonian, Eesti Disaini Maja) runs two concept stores of Estonian design, and is also responsible for organizing the local design festival called Disainiöö. The association’s stores, called simply by its name Tallinn Design House, are a good starting point for discovering current, local designers.

A culture fan will find a versatile array of events from the Tallinn Creative Hub building, although at the moment patience is required, since the building is being used to host events of the Council of the European Union Presidency until November. Until then, local art can be found from e.g. the modern show piece Kumu museum as well as from the galleries listed on the Tallinn Design Map.

Tallinn is an effortless distance away from Helsinki, and is very well suitable also as a business travel destination from Helsinki. A day cruise with Viking XPRS was tested by the Board of Design District Helsinki, and the very functional setting offered complete concentration on meeting content when necessary, whereas also a nice setting for more informal networking at other times.