PIHKA collection & Johanna Gullichsen collaboration

PIHKA collection and Johanna Gullichsen launched their co-branded bag collection end of the year 2021. The collection is a brilliant example of a creative collaboration between designers from two different industries. The co-branded collection is a fusion between the clean lines of PIHKA leather bags and Johanna Gullichsens Doris-pattern. High quality craftsmanship gives the collection its final touch. The bags come in 2 sizes and 3 colors. Idea for the collaboration was born when Johanna Gullichsen visited PIHKA’s workshop / showroom in Ullanlinna in spring 2021. She was amazed by the high quality craftsmanship and timeless design of PIHKA’s leather bags. Roosa Mattsson and Sofia Salmi were already fans of Johanna Gullichsen’s iconic patterns. It was immediately clear for both parties that something great could result from joining forces! The collection was launched in December the same year.
All PIHKA sample bags are handmade at their Helsinki showroom. Full collections are manufactured in other parts of Finland. The co-branded bags are for sale at PIHKA showroom next to Design museum as well as Johanna Gullichsen showrooms at Erottaja and Lasipalatsi.
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