Lovia Trash Bag – A real-life Cinderella story of trash transformation

The journey of a Lovia bag starts from the trash bin – not the most conventional start for a high quality design item. Well, there is a great reason behind such a crazy idea. Constant production of new material in one end and huge piles of waste in the other are one of the main factors making fashion one of the most polluting industries in the world. For example, this industry accounts  for around 800 000 tons of leather waste annually. This is why, with all the more reason, we rescue other industries’ waste from being tossed into the bin, and turn them into products with a purpose.

Trash to treasure – The most sustainable waste disposal

Trash Bag is a statement, challenging the traditional quality definition and perspective of the fashion industry. High quality materials are not to be bypassed due to their exceptional origin. It is high time for fashion to adapt in its part to the requirements of the surrounding world, and to utilise resources to their fullest.

Unconventional material doesn’t have to set limits to creativity. Working within certain material boundaries in fact pushes creativity, and takes it to the next level as each seam is truly meaningful for the function and design to work, our founder and designer Outi Korpilaakso thinks.

Lovia turns Nordic waste materials into design accessories with full transparency. Artisans in Milan turn furniture leather, elk leather and even salmon skins into timeless accessories. All Lovia jewellery is made by local goldsmith in Helsinki. Each product has a DNA-profile revealing the story behind each material, production and pricing.

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    Lovian ylijäämänahkasta tehdyt asusteet syntyvät milanolaisten artesaanien käsityönä ja korut Helsinkiläisen kultasepän pajassa. Jokaisella tuotteella on oma läpinäkyvä DNA-profiilinsa, josta …