Grand craftmanship in small packages

“The best things come in small packages” I have heard several times. And I would dare to claim that most of us get a smile on our faces as we receive something in a small box or buy it ourselves.

The traditions of decorating ourselves go far into history and therefore these small objects still have so many customs and symbolism attached to them. Some jewels are passed on from generation to generation, and that object carries inside incredible amounts of stories and life.

In Finland, we have long traditions for both making and designing jewelry. The design of our jewelry is unique and modern even if the piece in question was a diamond ring. Manufacturing techniques have remained very much the same for hundreds of years. However, recently they have been combined with new technology, enabling new kinds of design.

The area of Design District Helsinki encases a marvelous selection of different jewelry shops that are all combined by fresh, high-quality design. Several small shops hide behind them studios, where the most amazing jewelry from gold smiths’ creations to wearable jewelry-art pieces are made. In Helsinki’s heart of design, there is still a remarkable amount of high-quality jewelry being not only sold, but also designed and made.

Communality flourishes in small jewelry collectives in which the same shop space is shared by veterans as well as lately graduated designers full of new ideas. Everyone has their own style, completing each other and creating the vast spectrum of jewelry design in Helsinki. From Design District, you can find everything from bling to shine and rugged style.

Most jewelry designers’ shops also offer the possibility of ordering unique, custom-made pieces that the customer gets to design together with the designer. What would be better than designing a jewelry surprise for yourself, your loved one or your friend?

On this week’s Thursday April 14th, small jewelry and fashion stores in the Design District have their doors open all the way until 9pm, also offering some extraordinary treasures and surprises to their visitors. The evening can be well spent in one favorite destination, or then by combining visits to several boutiques. Late Night Shopping is a possibility to explore the versatility of design in Helsinki when it’s at its widest.

Here are my tips for the night’s jewelry-related program:

At Paja on Eerikinkatu, you can make yourself a Love letter bracelet and admire at the boutique’s wide silver jewelry selection.

On Punavuorenkatu, you will get to peek into DJ-designer Miia Magia’s studio. Miia is present the whole evening to receive visitors and show her new and classic jewelry pieces in her working space.

At our Raw North collective on Annankatu, you can get yourself photographed with your favorite piece of jewelry on a small catwalk, and take part in a jewelry raffle. At the same time you can make unique finds as we present some samples and last pieces of past collections.

Noora Delage
NOD and Raw North collective
Vice President of the Board of Design District Helsinki


Find Design District’s jewelry shops listed from here and on the map from here. The shops having special program and extended opening hours on the Late Night Shopping, April 14th can be found listed here and on the map here. The event can also be found from Facebook.

Picture: Box-Jewelry by Keski-Pomppu & Pioni Design