Design District Helsinki by Jorma Uotinen

For the creative multitalent Jorma Uotinen, a fall day in Helsinki is a salute to originality and quality. Spend a day following Jorma’s route around Design District Helsinki, or pick interesting spots to visit from along the way.



Design requires courage to take risks. Only by taking risks can a designer make original choices to stand out from others. This is the way out from mediocrity. When each designer finds their own style, the entity pulses and breathes.

The fulfillment of design takes place in products that still after decades are not dated, but can always come back. Good art and design endures time.

I follow international interior design magazines quite a lot. I always rejoice then a Finnish name pops up. There, design has passed the threshold of distinctiveness.


1. Klaus K Hotel

My tour starts from Klaus K, which I absolutely recommend. This high-quality hotel offers design and art rooms even for the demanding.


2. ALESSIshop

Italian design is important to me, and ALESSIshop is a good example of it. I have bought dishes and my cutlery from this shop. It is in line with my demanding aesthetic taste.


3. Variety Second Hand & Vintage

At a TV shoot, the recorder showed some of his clothes that he had bought from this vintage store. He got me interested in the store’s selection, which clearly presents fine brands and products for men. I haven’t visited here yet, but I will definitely go and explore. Maybe I will find something special!


4. Galerie Forsblom

Galleries in general interest me, and I like to visit them for inspiration. Forsblom’s exhibitions present broad international talent. I often visit here to admire at splendid art work.


5. Skanno

Skanno has been one of my favorite stores in Helsinki for decades. I have focused almost all of my interior and furniture purchases onto this store, the products and brands of which I trust.


6. Harri Syrjänen

Harri Syrjänen’s jewelry and leather products have a strong stamp of craftmanship. Skill and craft also show in the store, which works as the artist’s studio and working space at the same time.


7. Juuri

Juuri’s kitchen is interesting. It proves that Finnishness in food is more than traditional sautéed reindeer.


8. Design Museum

Design Museums leads the way onto Korkeavuorenkatu, which is one of my favorite streets in Design District. As a place and institution, Design Museum is very important. I like to bring my friends here. There is always something interesting and current on display.


9. Proud Optiikka

I have a good collection of glasses, and they are very important to me – even a part of my entity and personality. Once a journalist depicted me as “Uotinen who is mostly known for his glasses”. This optician store has a good and high-class selection.


10. Fasaani

The antique store Fasaani’s selection is always interesting. I have bought myself some glasses from here. Good design endures time.


11. Ritva Falla

Fashion designer Ritva Falla has clearly an original style and high-class quality. I finish my walking tour in Design District Helsinki by greeting her and wishing her the best of success.


Jorma Uotinen


Jorma Uotinen on helsinkiläinen tanssija, laulaja, koreografi, professori ja mediapersoona. Hänet valittiin Design District Helsingin lähettilääksi 2016 aktiivisena ja ansioituneena elävän kaupunkikulttuurin edustajana.

Kuva Jorma Uotisesta: Pasi Haaranen
Kartan toteutus: Hanne Huotari / byfar