DESIGN TREASURE HUNT June 11th-12th 2016

Find design treasures hidden by Design District entrepreneurs and join our playful 24-hour Design Treasure Hunt in celebration of the Helsinki Day!

This is how it works:

Follow our social media channels to see the hints invented by our entrepreneurs from June 11th at 12pm until June 12th at 12pm:

Facebook: designdistricthelsinki
Instagram: designdistricthelsinki
Twitter: @ddhelsinki

The hints will guide you to the hiding spots of design treasures – the first one to find them will get to keep them!

Our social media channels will also be used to share information on the treasures that have already been found.

Also follow these to be a part of an urban adventure: #ddhelsinki #ddsuunnistus
Participating Design District members and the design treasures they hide will be published in May.


In cooperation: Helsinki Day.

Organizer: Design District Helsinki.


Design District Helsinki
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