Design Museum // Discussions in the Alusta Pavilion

Alusta pavilion: Soil Matters
Wed 23.8.2023 at 5.30pm
In English / Free entry

Soil is a active, living entity that sustains life. How is soil? What can we do for it? What can it do for us? How can we strengthen our connection to soil and learn to understand different meaning it embodies by the means of art and architecture?

Speakers are visual artists Nina Rantala and Visa Suonpää (IC-98), microbiologist, docent Kim Yrjälä, Helsinki university and architect, doctoral researcher Elina Koivisto, Aalto University.

Alusta pavilion: Degrowth and Architecture
Tue 29.8.2023 at 5.30pm
In English / Free entry

Degrowth movement aims at a sustainable, healthy and democratic society that isn’t based on continuous growth. In an ecologically sustainable society care, environmental preservation and freetime are valued. What could architecture be like in this setting and how would it be made?

Speakers are activist-scholar Eeva Houtbeckers, University of Turku and architect, doctoral researcher Elina Koivisto, Aalto University.

Alusta pavilion: Material cycles in construction
Wed 6.9.2023 at 5.30pm
In English / Free entry

Matter and energy form endless natural cycles on earth. How could human action, including building construction, find its place as part of these cycles again? How long can materials rotate in human use and what happens after?

Speakers are researcher in environmental philosophy and politics Ville Lähde, BIOS Research Unit and architect, doctoral researcher Elina Koivisto, Aalto University.

Introduction to Alusta Pavilion 
Wed 13.9.2023 at 5.30pm
In English / Free entry

Alusta research pavilion was built in the spring of 2022 and will be dismantled in the fall of 2023. It explores nature-culture relations and offers a place for encounters between humans and non-human animals in urban space. Welcome to hear about the themes of the project, the future of the pavilion and to share your own experiences.

Speakers are the architects of the pavilion Elina Koivisto ja Maiju Suomi.

The event is part of the Design museum and Museum of Finnish Architecture program for Helsinki Design Week and part of Aalto University’s Designs for a Cooler Planet event.


The events are free of charge, and you don’t need to register in advance. The program is in Finnish or English. The Alusta pavilion is located in the courtyard of the Architecture Museum and the Design Museum, which is a public urban space. The pavilion building is not one common space, but consists of different spaces and structures. The building has no actual walls or roof. The pavilion is built mainly of clay and wood, as well as various plants and plantings, the purpose of which is to attract insects to the pavilion as well. The pavilion is built on uneven cobblestones. There are three different entrances to the pavilion building, which are 113–134 centimeters wide. The entrances lead to the center of the pavilion building, where there is plenty of room to turn around. Inside the pavilion building there are a few narrower paths and recesses that are 80 to 131 centimeters wide. The pavilion on top of the structures can be sat on or used as counters. There are no actual chairs or tables in the space. The nearest public accessible and gender-neutral toilet is located at the Architecture Museum.


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