Design District Helsinki Event Calendar 2016

Design District Helsinki is a cluster of more than 200 businesses that stand out with their design and form the creative core of Helsinki, which was awarded the status of City of Design by Unesco.


14 April 2016 Late Night Shopping: Fashion & Jewellery

Design District’s jewellery design studios, clothing boutiques and accessory brands put their best foot forward. During the evening, the boutiques launch a number of new spring and summer collections and celebrate the spring season.


May 21 2016 at 11–17 p.m. Design District Market Diana park / Kolmikulma.

Design District Helsinki’s Spring Market gathers together the city’s current design in Diana park, i.e., Kolmikulma, on Restaurant Day. The atmosphere at this family event is boosted by DJ Jere Leskinen from Bassoradio. The event is also part of the Lovely Helsinki City Festival.


19–22 May 2016 The flower display is put together by Annantalo and Design District Helsinki in the Annantalo garden as part of the Lovely Helsinki Festival.


June 2016 The new edition of the Design District Helsinki map becomes available at, among other locations, the city’s tourist information centre and hotels.


11 June at 12 noon – 12 June at 12 noon Design Treasure Hunt, the entire Design District Helsinki as the event location.

Design District Helsinki takes a playful tone with a 24-hour Design Treasure Hunt. The event is an open-to-all city adventure, where you can find design treasures hidden by Design District entrepreneurs by following tips that are shared through social media. The first one to find a treasure gets to keep it.

The treasure hunt tips are shared during the 24 hours through these social media channels:

Facebook: designdistricthelsinki

Instagram: @designdistricthelsinki

Twitter: @ddhelsinki

The event is part of the Helsinki Day programme on 12 June.


25 August 2016 Late Night Shopping / The Night of the Arts: The entire Design District’s Late Night Shopping event


8 September 2016 Late Night Shopping: Design & Interiors

This interior design and design-focused event is part of Helsinki Design Week.


September–October 2016 Children’s Design Adventure

The new event concept of Design District Helsinki introduces children to the versatile design in Helsinki. The adventure begins during Helsinki Design Week.


21–23 October 2016 At the I love me fair event at Messukeskus Helsinki, Design District Helsinki presents itself at a shared stand in the Lifestyle area.


3 November 2016 Late Night Shopping: Eat, Drink & Sleep

The event encourages you to find design in Helsinki in your glass, on your plate and in hotel rooms.


20 November 2016 at 10 a.m – 6 p.m. Design District Market, Vanha ylioppilastalo

Helsinki’s design offerings at one place for one day. Welcome to Design District Helsinki’s largest market event of the year!

Design District Helsinki’s member boutiques and designers bring a diverse selection of clothes, accessories, jewellery, design articles, art and much more to the event.


8 December 2016 Late Night Shopping: Kids

The year’s last evening event at the Design District boutiques is targeted at children and the childlike.

Late Night Shopping is Design District Helsinki’s own event concept that takes places at the member boutiques. Opening hours extended until 9 p.m., guests, special programme and offers in boutiques invite you to familiarise yourself with the area and lower the boutiques’ thresholds for both regular and new customers.

The Design District’s online map comes in handy when planning your own route for the evening. Using this link, you can see the list of participants for the next Late Night Shopping event according to the most recent registration information.

There are two changes in the 2016 Late Night Shopping events. The events are now themed based on Design District’s member categories to emphasise the diversity of the selection in the area. The second new addition to the Late Night Shopping events is a free and guided walking tour focused on the evening’s theme. The tours are conducted by Happy Guide Helsinki.

Design District Helsinki is a neighbourhood and a state of mind. It includes 25 streets and 200 spots of interest on a map, from shops to galleries and from design studios to design hotels. It is creativity, uniqueness, experiences, design and Finnish urban culture.

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