A Forest Christmas at Artek Helsinki

This year has strengthened the relationship many of us already have to the forest. Last spring, when so much of our life was confined to the home, we took to the woods in our free time. This led to strange sights, such as lines of people hiking one behind the other along the trails in nearby Nuuksio National Park. Many of us also sought solitude in the woods, where there is space to roam, clean air to breathe and the sound of silence to enjoy. The forest was felt to be a clean and safe environment, a place where one could forget the news for a while. In deep-rooted nature, by cliffs and shores, you could let yourself relax, to feel small and connected to solid earth.

A street-level corner of the Artek Helsinki store is home to a little copse of spruces, and there you will find a selection of small objects inspired by the forest. This year, both the presentation and the selection of objects have been realised in cooperation with Metsä/Skogen (Forest/Forest). Metsä/Skogen is a unique concept and a holistic experience – like a real forest in the middle of the city. Metsä/Skogen aims to engage as many of your senses as a real forest, which in turn has inspired the Artek Helsinki store display.