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Cerma is a gallery, art shop, café, and event space all under one roof.

Local artists are at the heart of everything – monthly solo and group exhibitions, as well as Christmas art markets, showcase our roster of artists. Cerma aims to be a comprehensive showcase for the new talents in the Helsinki art scene.

We don’t believe in quiet, white spaces, but in relaxed hangouts with friends and indulging in all your senses.

We want to make buying art and supporting artists clear and easy. We encourage trusting your own eye when looking at art – you know best what you like, and you don’t need prior art knowledge to come and glance at the pieces. Our staff will connect you with works that match your style if you wish. This way, we find art that suits your taste and budget.

Events spice up the ongoing exhibition and add depth to the experience. We aim to be open and share more about the art world with those interested, showing that you can enjoy art in many ways, in your own style. We organize music nights, after-work events, workshops, and lectures on art topics.

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