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Bulevardin Kulma

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Bulevardin Kulma

BULEVARDIN KULMA, Bulevardi Corner

The Bulevardin Kulma real estates are a complex of high value properties in downtown Helsinki. The RAKE-house and Bulevardi 6 lease commercial and office premises at Bulevardi 2, 4 and 6, and at Erottajankatu 4.

The sizes of leased premises vary from three-room office suites of under 100 square metres to integrated complexes of 600 square metres. We can combine and divide premises according to the needs of our business lessors.

The modern facilities and downtown location of the buildings, the wide-ranging services of the Klaus K Hotel, and the unique history of the property make this building a perfect spot for contemporary business operations.

Room for sustainable development

We are committed to the principles of sustainable development, prioritising human and environmental welfare in all of our operations. Renovation work on our properties shows respect for their heritage, with a view to preserving as much of the existing structure as possible in order to conserve the original character of the building. We nevertheless refurbish and modernise the premises that we lease to ensure that the requirements of contemporary business are satisfied. Our renovations exemplify the idea of sustainable repair construction, with a view to providing comfortable, energy-conscious business premises.


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