Window exhibition // Spring 2020 // Her Design, silversmith Heta Anderson

“Spring 2020 is forever imprinted in our minds as the time when social distancing is the means to protect ourselves and our loved ones. In the brooches I have encased the feelings and emotions of social distancing, from peaceful reflection to loneliness and anxiety from separation. All of us have had different spectrum of emotions, which will leave a mark in us for a long time. The jewellery are a glimpse to my own thoughts of social distancing, they are works of art on the wall and when the right mood occurs the jewellery can be touched and worn close.”

Heta designs and manufactures precious metal jewellery and hollow silverware at her workshop in Hernesaari, Helsinki. Since graduation from Lahti Design Institute year 2000, she has worked in the field of silversmithing for 20 years, as an entrepreneur and as a teacher. In her jewellery and silverware she combines her love of nature, natural forms and motifs. Her jewellery seeks functionality, beauty (which is in the eye of the viewer) and playfulness, which is an important aspect to remember in this serious world that we live in.  Heta manufactures her jewellery by hand using traditional gold- and silversmithing techniques, most of her hollow silverware are unique and manufactured by different hammering and forging techniques.


Eteläesplanadi 4
Design District Illustration


Mon–Fri 10:00–18:00
Sat 10:00–17:00
Sun Closed