Wednesday Evening Walk in Design District Helsinki

Come summertime and long light evenings!

Design District Helsinki members have their doors open until 8pm every Wednesday in June.

Local independent shops and museums have a big role in making Helsinki what it is. Design District Helsinki invites you to go for a walk and get to know the neighborhood, the shopkeepers and the designers. In the spirit of supporting your local businesses.

Shops, museums and galleries to visit:

Museums: Päivälehden museo, Arkkitehtuurimuseo

Fashion & Design shops: DEMA, Cilla’s, FRENN, Hetzukoto, Osuma streetwear, Lapuan Kankurit, Taiga Colors, Raaka Rå, LOKAL, asuna, Liike, Lumi, Frank/ie

Gift shops: Alnilam, Koti Store

Jewellery: Kultaseppä Kulmala, Coruya










Design District Illustration