We Jazz 2023: Timo Lassy & Niko Kumpuvaara / Ateljee Bar

Let the jazz music lead you to exciting atmospheres in the heart of Helsinki when musicians Timo Lassy and Niko Kumpuvaara perform on the 12th floor of Ateljee Bar on Wednesday, November 29th. Tickets are limited for the event so you should secure your spot next to the sweet chords of jazz music right away. You can buy tickets from Tiketti here.

“We Jazz is an event first established in 2013 to present a selection of the best contemporary jazz music. Both foreign and domestic artists spread around Helsinki to perform during the eight days.

The producers at We Jazz make an effort to continually discover new spaces for music and many of the venues change from year to year. The pairing of artists and venues is aimed at creating the best possible context for the music at hand. This is why many of the We Jazz venues are quite small.

Music is often at its best when experienced at short range. Quality before quantity is what We Jazz wants to present. Every concert is a handpicked and thought-out piece of the bigger picture. We Jazz is often referred to as a festival and as Helsinki’s biggest annual jazz event, and there’s no denying that We Jazz is exactly that.

The terms “installation” and “utopia” have also been used to describe the event. These words capture the essence of the event and gently direct the thought away from the conventional idea of a jazz festival. In addition to introducing the best possible music, We Jazz aims to challenge and renew the ways of presenting jazz while offering a selection of the various forms of creative music across the broad spectrum of jazz.”

See you at Hotel Torni — at the peak of experiences!


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