Repair Demonstrations at the FIX Arena

Design Museum, FIX Arena (2nd floor)
With museum admission | No pre-registration required 

The programme arranged at the FIX Arena of the FIX: Care and Repair exhibition invites us to collectively care for our shared environment and to engage in fixing. The versatile and open programme includes repair demonstrations, discussions, workshops, and events. Repair demonstrations can also be followed online. 

The series of repair demonstrations introduces four master repairers featured in the exhibition. The work of these masters is showcased in timber repair, traditional Japanese Kintsugi, traditional Japanese Sashiko embroidery, and darning and patching. Come along and take a look into the workspace and methods of these master repairers! 


Timber, 16.5.–19.5.2024 

Restart. Photo: Anni Koponen

The first demonstration in the series, held in collaboration with Restart, which specializes in traditional buildings, takes place on May 16–17, 2024, 13:00–15:00, and on May 18–19, 2024, 13:00–15:00 and 16:00–18:00. 

Kintsugi, 15.8.–18.8.2024 

Kintsugi master Li Li, photo: Anni Koponen

The second demonstration in the series, held in collaboration with Li Li Kaartinen, who is specialized in the traditional Japanese repair method Kintsugi, takes place on August 15, 2024, from 17:00 to 21:00; August 16, 2024, 13:00–15:00; and August 17–18, 2024, 13:00–15:00 and 16:00–18:00. 

Sashiko, 4.9.–5.9.2024 

The third demonstration in the series, held in collaboration with Takao Momiyama, who specializes in the traditional Japanese repair method Sashiko embroidery, takes place on September 4–5, 2024, 13:00–15:00. 

Darning and Patching, 7.11.–10.11.2024 

Patchwork of Minttu Wikberg.

The fourth demonstration in the series, held in collaboration with Minttu Wikberg, who specializes in darning and patching, takes place on November 7–8, 2024, 13:00 to 15:00, and November 9–10, 2024, 13:00–15:00 and 16:00–18:00. 


The event is held in Finnish. Participation with museum admission. No pre-registration required for the event. The event can accommodate 50 participants on site. Recordings from the exhibition space will be published on the websites of Design Museum and Museum of Finnish Architecture after the event. 

In collaboration with Stadin AO 

Stadin AO is Finland’s largest provider of vocational basic education, supplementary education, apprenticeship training, and preparatory training for qualification (TUVA). We offer education for young people, adults, and organizations. Stadin AO’s students are responsible for producing event recordings in collaboration with the Museum of Finnish Architecture and Design Museum. We would like to thank our wonderful students and teachers! 

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