The On the surface exhibition consists of the works of young designers and artisans. As its name suggests, the exhibition brings out different ways to consider surface. The works that were chosen to the exhibition are new, insightful and well-designed products in which skillful craftsmanship, versatile materials and diverse working techniques are combined. The theme, On the Surface, has been understood extensively and the surface is approached by ornamentation but also via touching and spatiality.

The application for the On the Surface exhibition was open to the Finnish – or living in Finland – designers, artisans and work groups, whose members were under 30 years of age. 16 skillful and enthusiastic rising stars were chosen from different parts of the country. Common to the participants is their ecological touch and a strong relationship with the nature in the product design as well as in the implementation of works and products.

The participants of the exhibition are students, recently graduated or professionals who have proceeded further in their careers. The skills achieved during their education are utilized diversely. The exhibition presents works, which are produced by using traditional techniques as well as pieces where the surface is approached by combining different materials and working techniques open-mindedly. The elaborate handicraft and the spectrum of materials and techniques have resulted in surprising and also funny combinations.

The participants of the On the Surface exhibition:

Antrei Hartikainen, Fiskars
Sakari Hartikainen, Helsinki
Marja Hepo-aho, Riihimäki
Marianne Huotari, Helsinki
Petteri Häkkinen, Lahti
Anna Kokki, Helsinki
Triin Kolmkant, Vantaa
Mirva Kuvaja, Turku
Elina Laitinen, Helsinki
Alexandra Lindqvist, Juva
Sanna Niskanen, Hämeenlinna
Wiebke Pandikow, Helsinki
Riikka Peltola, Hämeenlinna
Veli-Ville Rauhala, Turku
Sirja Salokanta, Helsinki
Suvi Tupola, Lahti
The On the Surface exhibition has been set up in cooperation with The Craft Museum of Finland and the Tyyne-Kerttu Virkki foundation.


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