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Experience design at Design Museum’s Design Evenings when we have free entry to all our exhibitions and events!

Design Evenings programme on Tuesday 27 September 2022

16-20 Free entry
16:30-17:30 Sitra’s Weak Signals Workshop (in Finnish)
17-19 Pop up VR museum workshop

17-18 Guided tour to Design for Every Body exhibition (in Finnish)
18-19 Guided tour to What if? Alternative futures exhibition (in Finnish)

Weak Signals Workshop
At 16:30-17:30 in the Design Museum Auditorium
In Finnish

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In the workshop we observe weak signals, i.e. the first symptoms of change. There will be an introduction to future thinking and weak signals, after which the participants will get to expand their thinking with the Sense-breaking exercise. In the exercise, neglected themes that may be relevant in the future are identified. The workshop lasts an hour and requires no prior knowledge. The workshop is for adults and in Finnish.

The workshop is led by Mikko Dufva, Terhi Ylikoski and Liisa Poussa from Sitra.

Mikko Dufva is Sitra’s leading foresight specialist. In his work, he examines future trends, the tensions between these trends and mental images connected with the future. In addition, he seeks to identify signals that may be weak now but are nevertheless significant from the point of view of the future.

Terhi works with the Future Makers project as part of Sitra’s foresight and insight team. The aim of her work is for foresight and insights to be incorporated into the toolboxes of even more social change-makers.

Liisa works in Sitra’s Foresight team, which produces long-term foresight data in anticipation of the future and supports Finnish society in interpreting and utilising the data. The project Liisa is currently working on is called “Future makers”.

Pop-up-VR Museum workshop

Tell your own story about a design object! Why did you choose this item today? What kind of memories, thoughts or moods does the object bring to mind?

In the workshop, we talk about the objects in the Design Museum’s collection based on pictures, and we record our own thoughts in different ways. The museum collects the stories of users and experiencers of the objects. They will be part of the virtual Pop-up-VR museum, which Aalto University’s Media Lab has implemented in cooperation with the Design Museum as part of the European SPICE research project. The installation based on virtual reality will be tested in various locations in Finland during the winter of 2022–23. Participants get to know the museum collection in a new way, and they are invited to participate in the co-design process of a new kind of digital application. In the workshop, you can also jump into and test the virtual world!

The Pop-up-VR Museum workshop is an ongoing, non-stop event, so you can jump in at any time! The workshop instructors guide the group in Finnish, Swedish and English. There can be 10 participants at a time to work on their own stories, and all ages are welcome!

This workshop will be organised during the following Design Evenings at the Design Museum:

30.8. at 17-19
27.9. at 17-19
25.10. at 17-19
29.11. at 17-19


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