NEST FACTORY – A collection of three brands: sustainable fashion & home interior.

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”Our shop is a collection of three brands all creating handmade, sustainable fashion, home interior items and things for mothers and babies. We are Nest Factory, Lulurox and Rowan Essentials. We believe in quality verses quantity. We believe in fair wages for work and the need to protect and elevate the value of craft and artisan made. All our items are handmade with production in Finland, India and Morocco.”

Nest Factoryn Joulu kotiin läheltä. -kampanja

Nest Factory’s webshop offers free deliver within Finland. Private in shop events can be arranged if needed due to covid concerns.

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Nest Helsinki

Our boutique is a collection of three lively, crafty ladies: LuluRox , Rowan Essentials and Nest Factory. Big believers in craft and the art …