Art Salon Piirto: Spring Winds 31.3.-28.4.2019

Group exhibition of 8 artists

A versatile eight artist exhibition at Art Salon Piirto in April will display paintings and sculptures created with different techinques.

  • Merja Ala-Olla from Ihode Southwest Finland brings her captivating ceramic sculptures, most of which feature emotionally expressive animals.
  • The Lapua based artist Panu Hemming’s surreal acrylic paintings are often inspired by the plains of Ostrobothnia. You can find a lot of interesting and thought provoking details.
  • Mika Honkanen is familiar to many from the Lace Weeks of his home town Rauma. He loves to paint different subjects. This exhibition will feature rain accentuated urban oil paintings.
  • The oil paintings by artist Laura Karikoski from Helsinki have a soft handprint with wavy, silky soft and delicate movements which are like delicate knots waiting to be opened.
  • Light and exciting shapes combine geometrically with each other in the oil paintings by artist Tiina Pesonen from Espoo. Unique framing of the paintings highlights each work of art.
  • The effects of music and light inspire deeply the Helsinki based artist Tapani Piirto’s oil paintings and move deeply within the figurative paintings.
  • Many of the acrylic paintings by artist Alisa Ranta-aho from Helsinki are fantasies, but she also uses real life experiences and emotions as her subjects. Her hand is very vivid.
  • The oil paintigs of the Porvoo based artist Heidi Wirgentius reveal her strong connection to nature and animals. The creatures in her paintings evoke strong emotions in her delicate control.
  • Design District Illustration