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Ecological and ergonomic VIBAe – Finnish design of handmade footwear gives your steps a new kind of lightness.

When you wear your VIBAe footwear for the first time, you will first notice that your toes are not squeezed at all. When you take the first steps, you will notice how the insole is at the same time suitably soft and supportive to your feet. A suitably sized shoe sits on your foot like a glove in your hand. The result is a feeling that puts a smile on your face. It is said that well-being starts with the feet and when they are comfortable, then the whole body is well. VIBAe is exactly the shoe you’ve been waiting for your whole life. You have to experience it for yourself.

VIBAe footwear is ecological, ergonomic and ethical. They are designed in Finland and handmade in Portugal. The soul of the footwear is a detachable Carbon Step ™ insole that shapes according to your foot, activating the small muscles of the foot. Together with the shoe designed for the shape of the foot, they guarantee complete comfort. The feeling is like walking on your bare feet or in your socks. The Carbon Step ™ insole has been found to have health-promoting effects – e.g. those with plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, and diabetes have found help in our insoles.

VIBAe footwear uses organic linen and vegetable tanned, chrome-free leather as upper materials. The outsoles are made of recycled natural rubber. Sizes 35-48.

The collection also includes a completely vegan option, the linen ZUMA Vintage Linen with a Carbon Step Vegan insole.

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