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Sauso is Finnish, premium and design glove brand which was founded 1929. Sauso Family has been running the business ever since.
All the gloves are handmade in Hungary by using traditional methods and techniques dating back to previous centuries. We are famous for the excellent fitting and quality which you can reach only by using the best materials and tablecutting.
We use only leathers which are by-products from food industry or hunted for food, such as Finnish deer, elk and reindeer, Etiopian hairsheep nappa and wildboar-peccary from Peru.
All the gloves faces over 100 workingphases and about 40 meters of yarn is used for every pair. The linings are 100% mainly natural fibres such as silk, cashmere and wool, but we offer also some materials for wool allergic customers. Sauso customizes gloves for one’s own measurements or colors. We use gloves also for horse riding, motor cyckling, hunting, special ceremonies, touch screen, driving etc
We maintains our gloves by chancing the linings and offer also washing service. The methods are ecological and ethical through the production, materials and maintaining.
We have the largest assortment of gloves for ladies and gentleman in our brandshop in Eerikinkatu 1 Helsinki.

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