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Pelago bicycles

Pelago is a Finnish company founded to cherish cycling as a genuine mode of transport. Our store is located in Kalevankatu 32 where we have a great variety of bikes and cycling related accessories. In the courtyard we also have professional bike service for all kinds of bikes. From our online store ( you can order bikes to be delivered around the world. EU shipping is free of charge.

We ride to deliver a breeze of fresh air to the urban gridlock, bringing joy and freedom to the daily journey. A good bicycle is the freedom to change place, a workout on the way to a meeting, a charge of energy on an early morning ride, a good reason to meet with friends. The object becomes a transparent vehicle for one’s self-expression, a beautiful tool to use.

We keep the wheels true and follow the vision to create the most versatile, reliable and beautiful products – the perfect transport for the urban sustainable lifestyle.

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