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Galleria Sculptor

Galleria Sculptor is a contemporary art gallery located in the Helsinki city center, maintained by the Association of Finnish Sculptors. Its diverse exhibition program presents a wide range of cutting-edge art every year, with a special focus on contemporary sculpture art. The exhibitions are principally innovative and surprising, challenging the viewer to see things differently. Sculptor also has a comprehensive sales collection, that showcases small sculptures by members of the association and gives a good overall view of Finnish contemporary sculpture.


Upcoming exhibitions at Galleria Sculptor on 2018:

5.–28.1.               Aiko Tsukahara   

2.–25.2.               Jukka Vikberg

2.–25.3.               Maija Helasvuo

31.3.–22.4.          Matti Kalkamo

27.4.–20.5.          Maija Närhinen

25.5.–17.6.          Mediataideryhmä Kruks

3.–26.8.               Berit Talpsepp-Jaanisoo

31.8.–23.9.          Sari Palosaari

28.9.–20.10.         Hanna Vahvaselkä

26.10.–17.11.       Paavo Räbinä

23.11.–16.12.       Elina Autio


Together with the Association of Finnish Printmakers the Association of Finnish Sculptors arranges an yearly sales event TEOS where hundreds of artworks by both sculptors and printmakers are being sold in Kaapelitehdas. In 2018 the event will be held from Feb 22nd to March 4th, welcome!

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