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In the essence of our brand lies a journey that blends athleticism, artistry, and a dedication to quality. Founded by Ville Leino, a former professional ice hockey player, Billebeino emerges from the fusion of his athletic excellence and creative expression.
At its core, Billebeino is more than just a fashion label—it’s a reflection of Leino’s passion for both sports and art. The iconic Brick Symbol logo, born from Leino’s artistic pursuits, symbolizes the seamless blend of these two worlds.
Over the past decade, Billebeino has evolved into a dynamic lifestyle brand, offering diverse collections for men, women, children and eyewear.
At Billebeino, our story is one of passion, determination and the pursuit of excellence. As we continue to progress, our dedication to uniting sports and creativity remains unwavering, ensuring that each Billebeino piece tells a story worth sharing.

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