Tiina Vitikainen’s Art Exhibition ”One-winged” / Ateljee Bar

Since the 50’s changing art exhibitions have been held almost as a tradition in the Ateljee Bar at the top of Hotel Torni. Now above the rooftops of Helsinki you can admire Tiina Vitikainen’s art exhibition ”One-winged”.

Here is the artist’s presentation of the exhibition:

”I’m Tiina Vitikainen, a self-taught artist from Helsinki. I have always loved beauty, colors and different textures. Even something rusty and patinated by time is beautiful to me. For me, beauty is not always about proportion or harmony. Neither is life. When in 2020 the covid virus locked everyone in their homes, I started spending my days drawing and painting. After noticing how much painting brought me joy, thoughts and a sense of accomplishment; – a fire starts, which continues to this day. Nowadays, I paint almost every day and it has become my passion, teacher and reason for existence.”

The exhibition is on display on the 12th floor of Ateljee Bar during the opening hours from 1st November to 31st December 2023. Welcome to enjoy bubbles above the rooftops of Helsinki and admire the one-winged.


Yrjönkatu 26
00100 Helsinki
Design District Illustration

Hotel Torni

Mon–Sun 6:00–23:59