The story of Keppuli

The story of Keppuli is a exhibition organized by Autism Foundation of Finland.

Are you wondering what is this Keppuli?

Keppuli is a word used by Hanna Keynäs, artist at the Autism Foundation. Hanna uses the name for plastic or glass objects that feel pleasant to hold in hand and make nice noise when tapped. Last year the Autism Foundation invited designer Stefan Lindfors to create the official Keppuli.

The outcome was small glass bowl-like object that from touch slightly rocks from side to side. Keppuli charmed everyone right away. Every Keppuli glass item is a unique mouth blown piece, freely made without any molds at the Glass studio Mafka&Alakoski.

For the exhibition the Austism Foundation ordered special edition of unique glass art from the glass artists, master glassblower Kari Alakoski and glassblower Marja Hepo-aho. The artwork follows the shape created by designer Lindfors. The special edition contains various sizes and techniques and all the pieces are numbered and have a engraved signature of the glassblower.

Keppuli artworks can be purchased from the exhibition and the profit from sold art pieces goes to development of projects run by Autism Foundation of Finland.

April is a of Month of Autism Awereness and at the Austism Foundation it is called ”Keppulikuu” the month of Keppuli. Austism Foundation is a private nationwide non-profit organisation in Finland. Its mission is to produce rehabilitative services for people with autism spectrum disorders. Autism Foundation in Finland builds a future, where thinking differently is seen as a strength and a valuable resource.

The story of Keppuli 20.4.-11.5.2017

Galleria Mafka&Alakoski
Iso Roobertinkatu 19, Helsinki


Iso Roobertinkatu 19
Design District Illustration