Point Exhibition at Luonnos

In the Point exhibition, an international group of students from LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts in Lahti ponders, what would they be willing to let go of for a more sustainable future. The group consists of students from Finland, Norway, Lithuania and Germany. Through visual means, the exhibition delves into a topic that concerns all of us: a more sustainable life. 

The exhibition ponders larger societal problems as well as individual values. Are we consuming too much, why can’t we enjoy the things we already have? Should we criticize our current working culture? Are there values that are hurting us, others and the environment that we should let go of? Can we even eat an ice cream anymore without feeling guilty? 

In addition to the exhibition, the group has produced Point Magazine that works as an extension to the exhibition’s works. The works continue their life within the pages of the magazine. Grafia ry has supported the creation of the exhibition and the publication.

Anna Lavrenz • Nea Yli-Junnila • Sinna Tuononen • Austė Dzikaraitė • Siiri Luukkonen • Milja Liedes • Monika Paradauskaitė • Emmi Kauhanen • Miili Postareff • Georgia Simons • Masi Ala-Hannula • Ilmari Pohjolainen • Ninni Pullinen • Moona Mäkinen • Rebekka Orbinski • Haruna Inagaki • Siina Sipilä • Saara Myllynen • Hilja Vuorinen • Siiri Torniainen • Maren Fahmer • Nele Kram • Riku Toivonen • Riina Haapakallio • Sascha Palo • Juuso Seppälä


The exhibition will be open as follows:
Wed–Fri 12–5 PM
Sat–Sun 12–4 PM
(1.–30.7. also open on Mon & Tue 12–5 PM)


Uudenmaankatu 13
Design District Illustration