Nordic Painting // Ingrid Toogood, Meri Toivanen // tm•gallery 3.11.-20.11.2022

tm•galleria 3.11–20.11.2022
Nordic Culture Point, Suomenlinna 3.11.–25.11.2022


Nordic Painting is a three-year collaborative project (2022–2024) between Nordic Culture Point in Helsinki and the Finnish Painters’ Union. Within the framework of Nordic Painting, an exhibition collaboration is carried out each year, together with a third party from another Nordic country. In 2022, it is Norway and the Association of Norwegian Painters (LNM) who act as partners. This year’s exhibition will be divided into two parts and will take place partly in the Finnish Painters’ Union’s tm•gallery in central Helsinki, and partly in Nordic Culture Point’s historic premises in Suomenlinna.

Nordic Culture Point is one of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ cultural institutions and its purpose is to initiate and support pan-Nordic art and cultural projects, as well as contribute to increased knowledge of Nordic contemporary art and culture both in Finland and in the rest of the Nordic Region. In the project Nordic Painting, Nordic Culture Point acts as a sponsor for the costs of the Nordic guest artists’ participation in the exhibitions.


Participating artists

tm•galleria: Ingrid Toogood (NO), Meri Toivanen (FI)
Nordic Culture Point, Suomenlinna: Espen Brændsrød (NO), Satu Rautiainen (FI)


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