MUJI Community Market

Welcome to MUJI Community Market the upcoming weekend! This time Community Market celebrates MUJI’s third anniversary and there is a group of local small business owners selling their unique products. 

You can find for example Japanese calligraphy, tea, ceramics, cosmetics and interior decoration items made of birch tree.

On Saturday at 1PM there will be a calligraphy show by Oskar Daitō Hellström. Welcome!

This weekends’ participants are:

Oskar Daitō Hellström

Nari Tea


Kinuski Ceramics

Kirkkenee Pura Nordica

MUJI provides opportunities for local small business owners and artists to sell their products at our MUJI store. The space is free of charge and suppliers will keep 100% of their sales. MUJI’s aim is to help and support the local community and economy through MUJI Community Market.

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