Makkara gallery presents Paula Huhtanen: “Iloismia Makkaragalleriassa” 18.12.2020–28.2.2021

Paula Huhtanen: “Iloismia Makkaragalleriassa”


Makkara Gallery
Pursimiehenkatu 2,
00150 Helsinki
Open Mon-Fri 10–18


ILOISMIA Makkaragalleriassa is an exhibition full of happy art for sale!
“My art is vibrant and full of color. I paint and make collages on different surfaces and materials. In addition to traditional paintings, I paint various everyday objects such as clothes, accessories, shoes, tools, suitcases, fitness equipment or even vehicles. Colors are energy, which we can utilize in many areas of life. – I create works that are physically visible but also perceptible as energy. The message of my art is clear: everything is fine and everything will work out!”

Paula Huhtanen was chosen as an ITE Artist (self made artist) of the Year 2020.

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Pursimiehenkatu 2, 00150 Helsinki | Mon – Fri 10 – 18 | Instagram & Facebook: makkaragalleria


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