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Emmi Nummela: WORKS

Emmi Nummela is a self-taught artist specializing in brush pen drawings and oil painting. She works at her home atelier in Helsinki, which she shares with her partner and pet bunny. Nummela’s works can be found in private collections across Finland and Denmark.

The exhibitions selection consists of works made in the last year and a half, when Nummela finally decided that the time was ripe to focus intensively on developing her oil painting style. In previous years the artistic focus had been in the pen brush drawings, that she created from live models wherever. When the live subjects were hard to come by, it was an excellent opportunity to deep dive into the world of painting and over forty pieces were produced during this period.

Some of the paintings already found their new homes so the exhibit has a selection of paintings still owned by the artist herself. Subjects vary from things seen and experienced during the period, culinary delights and longing for a more care free time. The exhibition is the artists’ first public showing.

Interested in collecting a painting?

Reach out: emminum@gmail.com / www.emerentus.fi

Makkara Gallery contact: Niina Ala-Fossi / makkaragalleria@gmail.com


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