Makkara gallery presents Hietsu Meat Market 23.3.–30.4.2020

Makkara Gallery presents Hietsun Liha (Hietsu Meat Market)

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Cold Cuts On Offer

Photographers Simo and Eeva Rista recorded the everyday life of Punavuori, Helsinki, in the early 1970s. Some of the pictures show Grocery Stores. Their windows have offers of cartilage, grapes and marmalade. The shopkeeper or his assistant has a beautiful handwriting, which you can see in the advertisements.

Meanwhile, most of the good contemporary music has been recorded and most of the wooden typefaces have been destroyed.

Hietsun Liha (Hietsu Meat Market) is an imaginary grocery store located in Hietsun Paviljonki in Töölö. Hand-printed posters in wooden fonts advertise gigs that have been held in the building since its renovation in 2016.


Photo: Juha Laitalainen



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Niina Ala-Fossi


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