Hemmo Siponen // No Volume // tm•gallery 13.4. – 7.5.2023

A point source is a source of material or information that appears to be point-like. Its point-likeness is a definitional simplification, or is due to the limits of the resolution of examining its parts.

For producing these works, I was influenced by reduction of a light source to a point, the limits of resolution, and imaginings beyond resolution. I turned the point inside out.

I was influenced by the idea of what happens to the reflection that bounces off us when it is let out on a cloudless day. I thought of a mute stream of images, scattering, fading, flickering, flat and spiraling, dimming towards its outer edges, a light-cone-being whose rhythm is constantly interrupted with night and clouds, and when blocked by roofs, canopies, trees, thick air, and other obstacles.

The works in the exhibition are imagined frames of the silent animation as which we radiate to heavens.

Hemmo Siponen

Hemmo Siponen (b. 1991 Helsinki) graduated from Academy of Fine Arts Uniarts Helsinki in 2019 (MFA). He works with watercolor painting. His previous solo exhibition Saved but Meant to Load was at Sinne gallery in Helsinki in 2021.

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