Exhibition // Emmu Johansson: Sparaxis Tricolor – tm•galleria


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25.6.-27.6. closed

Max 10 visitors are allowed in the gallery at the same time. We require visitors over the age of 12 to wear a face mask.

The exhibition is part of the Art Fair Suomi Goes Galleries festival. AFS21 will open the visual arts summer of Helsinki in June by inviting visitors to a diverse selection of exhibitions and events in galleries and exhibition spaces around the capital city area. Artfairsuomi.fi

Sparaxis tricolor is latin and means harlequin flower. A harlequin flower is a brightly-colored bulb-forming flower. Its growing time is in the spring. Its tubers lie 10 cm in the ground. When cold weather is over, the flower is brought outdoors to grow. It prefers growing in pots or in a rocky soil.

It blooms in the summer. Best spot is in the sun. It thrives approximately 8 cm away from other plants and reaches its full 25-35 cm height in a sandy, calcium rich soil. Lifting the bulb from the ground and drying and preserving it for the winter allows another year of growth for the harlequin flower.

A harlequin (arlecchino in italian, arlequin in french) saves itself from tricky situations with odd means. It is a precursor to clowns and jesters. A harlequin’s most important duties are to entertain and to tackle themes of fear with playful and theatrical ways.

The notion of beauty includes the understanding of its fleeting nature and a feeling of its uniqueness. The best way to concretely reach it is trough music. It begins, touches and ends. Manually repeated it is new and different every time. Silence, beginning, resonance and silencing. Even if parting with it and and giving into silence happens over and over again, it doesn’t weaken the listener. Even if every flower was torn apart, life can go on after the winter, during the winter.


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