Makkaragalleriassa Matthiew Rusting-Morey: ”HUOMAAMATON JÄKÄLÄ” 7.1.–25.1.2019

Matthew Rusting-Morey: ”Huomaamaton Jäkälä”


Matthiew Rusting-Moreyn teokset ovat esillä Makkaragalleriassa, osoitteessa Pursimiehenkatu 2C 00150 Helsinki. Galleria on avoinna maanantaista perjantaihin klo 10–18, Tervetuloa!

Debyyttinäyttelyn avajaiset 7.1. klo 18–20

”I have been truly impressed with the forests of Finland and enjoy talking long walks and emerging myself in quiet reflection. I find myself fascinated with the amazing diversity of lichen that can be found and wanted to bring that out in my art. With Finnish nature around to inspire, it is easy to find subjects to paint. For me the tiny things are quite interesting because you have to take the time to look closely to really see the wonders of nature. All of your focus gets drawn into a miniature world where your eye is constantly finding new details to focus on. When your mind can filter out the greater world and focus on the microcosm, it becomes meditative.

To be able to capture this I have tried to paint rather large versions of these tiny organisms to be able to appreciate their differenttextures, colours and shapes. I have tried to keep true to their colours found in nature, which are surprisingly diverse! Some of the paintings tend toward more abstract while others are more realistic, however, they all portray the lichens more or less as you can see them in nature. Only the distance from the paintings will change the way you see the subject. 

For all of the paintings I have used acrylic paint as a medium. These paints allow me to layer quickly as the paint dries fast. However, I have to paint parts with speed to be able to blend colours while the paint is still wet. The backgrounds are usually done in one sitting then the details of the painting are added in layers. In these layers I quite often have found using thick amounts of paint gives a texture that gives the lichen a bit of depth and life. That combined with the use of light and shadow I have attempted to bring out the lichen from the canvas and give them the spotlight.”




Osoite: Pursimiehenkatu 2C, 00150 Helsinki

Avoinna: ma-pe 10–18


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