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We are changing throwaway culture with beautiful Forever designs. We are a nimble family company, founded by mothers and daughters, with an upbeat can-do attitude and commitment to make the world work better. Digging deeper, behind the Finnish well-being is a will to make things work for everyone. In a country with more forests and lakes than people, pulling together is a must. Yet connectedness with nature probably has a lot to do with the contentment too. Niimaar’s values and philosophy stem from all of this as our Forever Products reflect it. We are open about wanting to change our throwaway culture and believe in the power of thoughtful and circular design to inspire responsible behavior.

Forever Bins is a collection of designer furniture created based on circular design principles. Furniture and design items are created for recycling, reducing waste and for a cleaner future. All our designs can be used for several different purposes, such as the popular Ecosmol Forever Bin designed by Harri Koskinen serves as a seat, side table, recycling station, a shelf and storing unit. Niimaar’s newest design item is the stunning Biowaste Box made of sustainable wood composite and designed by Andreu Carulla. Designs are made in Finland from local materials. We also provide Circular Economy services to businesses and Zero Waste workshops to groups and individuals.


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