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The concept of Anna Ruohonen Label is unique;  All designs in her collection are made for the customer on-demand only.  The philosophy of Anna Ruohonen fashion is based on sustainability. Her basic objective in manufacturing is to produce no surplus or unsold garments, nor unnecessary stock or prototypes. She cherishes the principles of local production, Made in France / Made in Finland, in the manufacturing process of her collections.

”In order to produce and consume fashion in a sustainable way, we need to concentrate on quality and reduce the quantity. Our buying must be intentional and each purchase well-considered.”

The answer to these challenges is made-to-order production.

We have practised the ideology of made-to-order with our primary collection, the Paris atelier collection, for ten years by now. We firmly believe that the time is ready to give up stocks once and for all.  We will have only the fitting pieces and colour examples of each of the models. After this, the demand will guide the production, not the other way round.



Anna Ruohonen is launching a pre-order concept; Production will be entirely done on-demand. The first production was started on 20th March 2021.

“We want to change the way we consume and make fashion. We want to reduce the amount of waste and damage done to the ecosystem and therefore we are shifting entirely to a pre-order system. All our collections will be made on pre-order only. We want to encourage slow shopping and well-considered purchases and we want to change the shopping mindset. “

How does it work?

You select your model, size and colour available. All the options can be viewed online or at our store in Helsinki or Paris. You pay 50% of the price when placing the order and the other 50% right before shipping when the product is ready to be delivered. In case of any problems with the production, you will be refunded the entire amount you have paid. It is estimated that you will have your product ready within two months from the day you have placed the order with us; we will be collecting the orders for proximately 4 to 6 weeks or until the necessary item amounts are reached and then we will need 2-4 weeks time to produce your orders.

We are excited to be part of this new and sustainable way of production and shopping and to be part of the slow fashion movement.

Thank you for making the change happen with us!

Cover photo: Victor Matussiere


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