Tapani Piirto in Savonlinna 20.7.–9.8.2020

ON THE ROAD WITH MUSIC -oil paintings

Address: Kauppatori 1, Savonlinna

Mon–Sun 10–19, occasionally also late into the night,

please call +358503575777

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Artist Tapani Piirto dances an emotional and passionate tango on the tip of his brush. He has weaved it from one canvas to another already almost nonstop for a quarter of a century. Nothing can hold him once he gets going. He will paint until the early hours if the mood takes him and he feels he has the stamina. Piirto never forces himself to paint.

Tapani Piirto feels one with the Cosmos when he’s painting. He has noticed that a man is at his best when he forgets himself. That’s what painting does to Piirto over and over again.

Piirto’s topics can be adult dancers or children in awe of the world. He values the harmony and unity of colours. His art exhales sober and composed harmony. He wants to present lovable beauty for us.

Many of Piirto’s artworks have a slightly mysterious atmosphere. Very often he doesn’t give faces to the people in his paintings. The driving force in his works are mood and colours, and his stylizing and simplifying is elaborate.

In many of Piirto’s delicate, pastel shaded oil paintings the people almost become one with their background; like ghosts they almost disappear only to captivatingly appear again with a second glance.

Music plays when Tapani Piirto paints, he lets the notes carry him. Cesaria Evora or Dean Martin can be heard amongst the paintings, or Olavi Virta leads to tango.

Piirto’s brush is part of it all, flowing and unpretentious. The finished painting belongs to the artist and to all of us. No-one or nothing is more valuable than someone else. Nor less. In the end Art belongs to everyone, the artist is the medium and the tool. For you and for me.

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