Makkara Gallery presents Tanja Nyo: Minotaurpolis 4.–28.2.2020

Makkara Gallery presents Tanja Nyo: Minotaurpolis


Oil paintings by visual artist Tanja Nyo are a deep dive into ancient drama. ”Minotaurpolis” tells millenial stories of temples and labyrinths from caches, city streets and hills. The stories are reminiscent of historical dominations: maidens sacrificed to Minotaur, Vestal Virgins and the unfortunate fate of Mrs. Lucretia.

Nyo (b.1969) who lives and works in Espoo, tells about the painting series: ” I became interested in ancient history and mythology during my writing process as I studied the sexual law of ancient Roman empires self-determination. This theme has been strongly featured before the Common Era and e.g. the story of Lucretia has interested many artist throughout the millenia (e.g., Shakespeare, Rembrandt). The theme is still relevant today and very much the same as before our time. Times are chanching, but the actions may not.”

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