Makkara Gallery presents Kevin Stewart: PARALLELS 10.9.–4.10.2019

Kevin Stewart: PARALLELS




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Kevin matriculated at the University of Mississippi. He earned his degree in Political Science and English literature. He does not hold a University degree in photography. He is self-taught. In 1985 while living in Atlanta Georgia, Kevin fell in love with the architecture as well as the rustic scenery of the overall Southern United States landscape. Having worked in fashion, entertainment and even food photography, Kevin considers himself a general photographer. Nonetheless it was his scenic work that first won him notice and praise. 1989, Stewart kept his regular job as a paralegal while assumed the practice of ‘moonlighting’ as a photographer. In 1995, Stewart was featured in an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper. The AJC called him “…Law Clerk by day and a ‘SHUTTERBUG’ by night…” Nonetheless, finally in 1998, after a total of 13 years of legal administration, Kevin left his career in law and set his sights on full-time photography. Prior to moving to Finland, Kevin sometimes displayed his photographs at outdoor art festivals, coffee shops and small galleries throughout the cities in which he lived. This photo exhibition at Makkara Gallery is Kevin’s second exhibition in Finland. His most recent show THE EYES OF FINLAND: DOUBLE VISION, was held at Lapinlahden Lähde.

Currently living in Ekenäs and focusing on event productions and food photography, Kevin considers himself a general photographer. He keeps his camera with him as he travels and is known for his achievements in both entertainment and fine art photography.


About the work on display in Makkara Gallery:

“Every since I started making pictures back in the good old days of 35 millimeter film, I have been influenced by Pictorialism. Indeed whereas pictorialism fell out of favour due in part to mankind’s rape of planet earth, I am guilty of making pretty pictures. Hence parallels. I started my photography in 1989 while living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA 33° 45′ 13.4856” N in 2012 I relocated to not far from Little Rock, Arkansas, º 44′ N, 92º 17′ I Now in Ekenäs, Finland 59° 58′ 30″ N, 23° 26′ 0″ E. The body of work I have chosen to exhibit demonstrates how my mind works. I tend to frame my photographs as if I were in one place. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish one place from another.

This is not trickery, It’s my vision. I tend to see rather quickly – while I will take time to frame an image, I do trust my instincts. I was once asked, what do I favour most about Photography. My answer then (that was 15 years ago) and still is, THE ACCIDENT. Parallels shows I am still having accidents. Places accidentally look like other places.”


All photographs in this exhibition are limited edition only.

Photo: Kevin Stewart: PARALLELS



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