Lovia Trash Bag Day – Fashion in Helsinki

You are warmly welcome to Lovia Concept Showroom on Saturday 25th of May 11 – 17 to get to know our trash materials and transparency concept as well as enjoy a glass of bubbly.

The event is part of the official Fashion in Helsinki 2019 programme (fashioninhelsinki.com).

The journey of a Lovia bag starts from the trash bin – not the most conventional start for a quality design item. We rescue other industries’ waste from being tossed into the bin, and turn them into products with a purpose. On our design table they get a second chance at life.

Did you know that you also have the chance to create you own unique bag from our most special discoveries? During the event you have the perfect opportunity to design your own trash creation together with our designer Outi Korpilaakso, utilising our excess materials and colours yet not seen in our selection. As a special treat you can choose your own unique colour for any of our bag designs without any additional fee during the Saturday event!

Welcome for a visit and to enjoy a glass of bubbly!


Design District Illustration