Heli Kaskinen: Meanwhile, On The Other Side

Heli Kaskinen’s exhibition Meanwhile, On The Other Side is a humorous attempt of photographs and art-objects to make a claim and to give a peek into the other side of walls, borders and presumably neglected surfaces. The exhibition offers alternative perspectives and new interpretations of the ideas and events behind the photograph. The works displayed at the gallery focus on themes of viewing, perception, and interpretation through various fades, turns, and transitions. On the other side of the surface, phenomena and human emotions appear in the works as a grave and yet playful combinations of images and words. Kaskinen delivers pithy remarks about our most absurd and perplexing experience—life itself.


image: Heli Kaskinen, Aunt Marie And Her Friend (2017) detail, Brothers From Another Mother (2017), The Addams Family (2017)


Yrjönkatu 8-10
Design District Illustration