AXellent Fun Stand Up in English

AXellent Fun Stand Up in English! Hosting by Jamie MacDonald guests Ray Zambino and Aurora Vasama

Jamie MacDonald is a Finnish-Canadian comedian and artist, known for hosting the Punch Up! Resistance & Glitter shows at the Finnish National Theatre as well as Comedy Idiot, a monthly English Comedy club in Kallio. He is also known as the face of The Feminist Comedy Nights, and as the co-host of the Radio Helsinki podcast How Bad Was That with Ali Jahangiri. His first solo show Gender Euphoria ran for sold out audiences, and we are very happy to have Jamie with us on this special night.

On stage Ray Zambino makes the impossible possible: He is Scottish, yet you can understand him. Ray’s comedy involves silly one liners, the cultural observations of a stranger in a strange land and the occasional absurd idea. Ray has previously written for MTV, Yle and performed on Nelonen Stand Up, he has worked internationally for the BBC and performed all over Finland, the UK and around Europe.

Aurora Vasama is a fearless rainbow punk and if necessary, she pulls on a bowler hat in a public place without even flinching! She is a princess and a bit like a gummy teddy bear steeled with koskenkorva, so just LOL. Aurora Vasama is the winner of the Finnish Stand up Club’s Newcomer of the Year competition 2019.

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