Art Salon PIIRTO 3.–28.2.2018

DARING – Paintings

“For decades I lived in Ostrobothnia. The vast sky over the expanse of the fields, the greatness of the Creator and the results of the hard work of mere people touched me. They formed a picture in my soul and I have not ceased painting it.

A river flowed beside my yard. It glinted under my window and I admired its power. It was life. It came far, gave water to the trees, mirrored the joy and the pain of life and went its way to the unknown sea. Water became the basic element of my paintings.

While traveling in the heat of Africa, I felt like the sun dropped too fast into the night and I could not paint. In Japan I travelled far away in the countryside but there too nature did not attract me. Both the Alps and palm islands have remained strangers to me. I need the Finnish dusk and dawn.

During my busiest years my paintings needed to take form fast and my technic was water colour. Then I moved into oil painting. I have also been drawing a lot. At the moment I like acrylic but I have not left the other technics behind.

Colours bring joy but joy does not depend on the facts. The best days are always ahead. Light shines where the river of life ends.”


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