Art Salon PIIRTO 3. – 26.5.2019: “Awash With Art”

Eight Artist Shared Exhibition

  • Porvoo born Jemena Höijer is currently a Helsinki based artist. For her art means self reflection and her works often draw from ideas and influences from every day life. She showcases her graphic art in the Exhibition.
  • The photographs of Sofie Jokinen from Helsinki have a picturesque atmospere which she creates with her personal style. It’s like the flowing movement of water was magnificently suspended in her works in the Exhibition.
  • The pastel tinted paintings of artist Tapani Piirto from Helsinki are ethereal and sensitive moments shrouded in mist. You can sense the power of music guide his brush towards light as his motifs gently become one with their backgrounds.
  • Marjukka Reima, an artist working in Vantaa, is inspired by a multitude of topics and techniques. Painting has always been present in her family, so it just flow naturally to continue working together with her partner.
  • Artist Sergio Rodas was born in Nicaragua, where he studied art for a while before continuing it in Finland. Lately he has been excited about sculpting in addition to painting, decorating and restauring.
  • Vantaa based artist Göran Svahn also utilizes several different techniques. His works show his passion and the drive to create and to always learn something new. Often the end result may be a welcome surprise to the artist himself.
  • Veteli born, via Lapua her way to Helsinki found artist Eeva Takala-Lähteenmaa is fond of painting colourful works of art with acrylic paint. Watercolours are also dear to her and she loves writing poems and illustrating books as well.
  • Artist Minna Väkeväinen from Käpylä in Helsinki paints with vigor and joy. Her works have exciting, slighty rugged and even surprising textures. One wonders wether the works in the Exhibition have been inspired by the cottage atelier of the artist.

The Exhibition will be opened by Culture Editor Risto Kolanen.


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