Art Salon PIIRTO 18.12.2017-28.1.2018

Familiar Feelings – Oil Paintings

The premise of Tapani Piirto’s paintings are people, children, musicians and women. Emotion, movement and light shrouded in proverbial mist are distinctive to his work.

Some of his paintings have been created in warm southern climates, and the light there in particular has inspired the artist’s brush.

Decades ago the South Ostrobothnian born Piirto let art guide his life. That is a decision the artist has never come to regret. He has now lived for years in Helsinki where his Art Salon Piirto on Uudenmaankatu will soon have its 18th anniversary.

In the evening when others start to settle for the night, the artist usually finds his best work flow in his atelier. Silence of the night guides his brush with only some muted music creating additional atmosphere.


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