Art Gallery Piirto 8.5.–18.7.2020: PAINTINGS & SCULPTURES

Artists Tapani Piirto & Marja Uusiluoto-Raaska

Tapani Piirto relies more and more on gentle tones while painting. He manages to create a sense of timelessness in his works of art whether he is painting delicate child portraits or swinging music.

”Music has always been close to my heart. Good music creates first musical pictures and then images in the mind which get a visual form on the canvas. Everybody has their own handwriting and personal painting style. That’s just the thing that makes this so interesting. Many have said they recognize my paintings at once by their style.”

“Painting is not something you can manage all the time. It’s peculiar how you occasionally seem to lose your ability, but then it’s like a burning desire suddenly flares up again…”

In addition to paintings there are expressive stone works by the sculptor Marja Uusiluoto-Raaska from Turku in the exhibition. Some of her works are hilariously humorous, others sophisticated and streamlined figurines of people.

She uses different kinds of clay and stone materials in her miniature sculptures.


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