Art Gallery Piirto 1.-30.12.2020 Horses and Other Life

Johanna Vaurio-Teräväinen: photographs
Heidi Wirgentius: paintings

Throughout the times horses have been one of the most depicted subjects in art. No wonder, as their meaning in the development of human kind and peoples lives has been irreplaceable, as has been their symbolism of strenght, freedom and power.

In modern society horses are no longer necessity to man, but they still are very important as hobby and work companions, pets and friends to many. The indescribable strenght, wisdom and beauty of horses is also the main source of inspiration for this exhibition.

Horses are the shared love of the two fellow veterinarians and artists, photographer Johanna Vaurio-Teräväinen and painter Heidi Wirgentius. Horses have the leading role in this exhibition but also life around horses, horsepeople, scenes from Finland and Iceland and female figures are featured.

Artworks reflect the deep appreciation of horses, nature and life that the artists share.


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